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Jane Elizabeth Cullum

I'm a full time painter, and spent my early years near London and my teenage years on the Isle of Wight, followed by university in the UK and Canada. I worked as a therapist in the NHS and in private practice for many years before deciding to concentrate full- time on painting.

My home is now on the English/ Welsh Borders, with the beautiful hills and valleys of Shropshire and Wales almost on my doorstep. My work is informed by my love of travel and my background in dance and movement, and I'm inspired by landscape, coast, sky and the play of light and shadow as the weather moves over the sea and land.

I paint mainly in acrylic on canvas or board as I find this the most versatile medium for creating different painting effects; I rarely plan a painting in much detail however, as I prefer to be led by intuition and let the images emerge during the painting process.

I'm especially interested in the importance of art in connecting people with the beauty of the natural world, and their own creative potential.

Thank you for your interest in my work, and please contact me if there is anything you would like to ask about any of these paintings or prints.

17 open listings

Selling: The Haar
The Haar
Acrylic on canvas panel or board - Original
£75 Sold
Selling: Port Isaac February
Port Isaac February
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: Falling Cloud
Falling Cloud
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: Northlight
Acrylic on canvas - Original
£380 Sold
Selling: Stardust
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: Rain over Moray
Rain over Moray
Acrylic on canvas - Original
£60 Sold
Selling: Winter's Moon
Winter's Moon
Acrylic on canvas - Original
£108 Sold
Selling: Full Moon on the Bay
Full Moon on the Bay
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: Cloud Rising
Cloud Rising
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: The Hidden Bay
The Hidden Bay
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: Evening Blues
Evening Blues
Acrylic on canvas - Original
£80 Sold
Selling: Holy Island II
Holy Island II
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: A Line in the Land
A Line in the Land
Acrylic on canvas - Original
£180 Sold
Selling: Storm Clearing
Selling: Borderlands
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: Into the Storm
Into the Storm
Acrylic on canvas panel or board - Original
£90 Sold
Selling: Torrent
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selected exhibitions: Ludlow Museum and Resource Centre, Ludlow Shropshire October 2015/June 2016 (solo) Made in the Marches Gallery Summer Exhibition: 'The Long View' Kington, Herefordshire June/ July 2017 (Group) Art Trail, Ludlow Fringe Festival July 2017 (Group) Bishops Palace Herefordshire: Postcards from Life charity artwork auction in aid of St Michael's Hospice Hereford November 2016 and November 2017 (group) The Assembly Rooms, Ludlow, Shropshire April/May 2018 (solo) One of the winners of the Artists Information Global Artists Guide Acrylic Art Competition 2017 Contributed to The Working Artist Social Media for Artists e-book 2017

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