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Ronis Varlaam

Ronis Varlaam has studied filmmaking at the London Film School and has produced and directed several documentaries for television, mainly Channel 4, U.K. Gradually his interests moved to art in general and now his practice includes painting, photography and videos. He is currently working on two series: The 'PAINTING' series and the 'WHO IS THIS?' series.

The 'PAINTING' series consists of paintings at the interface of opposites e.g. Abstract/Figurative, Subjective/Objective, Looking/Perceiving. It is an attempt to summarise all he has learned about painting.

The WHO IS THIS? series was inspired by Photoshop’s Face Recognition. More often than not Photoshop isolates the correct face but sometimes it makes a wrong decision still asking the rather existential question: “Who is this?”. In some cases one can see why the mistake was made but in others it is rather difficult. In a sense they are portraits chosen by Photoshop. Each work can either be shown as a triptych or a single painting. As a triptych it consists of the original photograph, a screen grab from Photoshop and one oil painting of what Photoshop thinks is a face. On the other hand 3 of the works were shown at the Discerning Eye 2016 exhibition simply as paintings without any reference to their origin.

Ronis Varlaam is both an abstract and representational painter and he believes in the primacy of painting. He has taken part in more than 30 exhibitions. He has been shortlisted for the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2015 and selected for the Creekside Open in 2011 and 2017, the Discerning Eye 2016 and National Open Art 2016.

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Selling: "PAINTING 13 - In the 5th Dimension' by Ronis Varlaam
Selling: 'PAINTING 1'
Oil on canvas - Original
Selling: 'PAINTING 2'
Oil on canvas - Original
Selling: 'PAINTING 15'
Oil on canvas - Original
Selling: 'PAINTING 17'
Oil on canvas - Original
2017 ILLUSIONS – THE ARTISTS’ POOL – Menier Galery 2017 NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL ART – Laura I Gallery - Prizewinner 2017 CREEKSIDE OPEN - Chosen by Alison Wilding 2017 LUBOMIROV/ANGUS-HUGHES GALLERY Summer Salon 2016 THE DISCERNING EYE (3 paintings were shown) 2016 NATIONAL OPEN ART 2016 JERWOOD DRAWING PRIZE FINALISTS EXHIBITION at Jerwood Space, 2015 London, Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum, Sidney Cooper Gallery Canterbury and Falmouth Art Gallery 2016 THE REVOLUTION SHOW Art Society Soho 2016 BLIND PLURAL at Hundred Years Gallery 2015 STORIES WITHIN IMAGES Scope Art, Miami 2015 THE RED FILES at the Schwartz Gallery 2015 PURE PAINTING at BAR Gallery 2015 DISSENT at Rock House, Hastings 2014 FACTORY-ART GALLERY - Project Berlin

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