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Pinar Akbaba

Born in Istanbul in 1981. Graduate from Istanbul University in 2002,

Started painting in 1988. Took classes from various reputable artists, including the legend himself Hasan Kavruk.

The main theme of my artwork is being free; escape from the rules that social life built for us, living this life as how we wish and to articulate the dilemma between reality and the dream world that I would like to build. I prefer Abstract as a style because it allows me freedom to express myself and the energy I feel onto the canvas through the colors. This helps me to equalize my soul, body, consciousness and subconscious. At the end this brings the spirituality.

Continue to work in her atelier.

Solo Exhibitions;

2017 - "Monolog" - Cemal Reşit Rey Hall, İstanbul

2015 - "Complicated" - Akatlar Town Hall, Etiler, Istanbul

2014 - "No Name" - Katakulli Cafe - Bebek, Istanbul

2013 - "Saturday" - Beşiktaş Town Hall,Levent, Istanbul

Group Exhibitions;

2017 - Gallery Eksen, Maçka, İstanbul

2016 - Colorida Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

2015 - Nişart Gallery, Teşvikiye, Istanbul

2015 - Akatlar Town Hall, Istanbul

2014 - Pusula Art Gallery, Harbiye, Istanbul

2014 - Akatlar Town Hall, Istanbul

2013 - Akatlar Town Hall, Istanbul

2012 - Akatlar Town Hall, Istanbul

2011 - Akatlar Town Hall, Istanbul

Online Exhibitions;

2015 - Linus Art Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

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