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Olena Topliss

Olena Topliss

Art makes this World a better place, and I am happy to be a part of this process.

Olena Topliss

About my work.

I feel that my work is a way to share the beauty and reify what I feel inside with the outside world with planned explosions and carefully applied swathes of color. The drama of nature is a significant feature in the work I produce. The mood of a sea or sky, I once stood on a cliff top watching an electrical storm at sea in the pouring rain just to capture the feeling.

Drama of the weather, the mood of the sea, seasonal light all have their own unique presence within the landscape.


Olena was born in the Ukraine to an artistic family, and spent much of her childhood surrounded by artists and opera singers.

She spent many years in the fashion industry having graduated from Kiev University of Textile and Design with a BA Hons degree in Fashion and textile design, with many of her designs being featured on TV and in global magazines before deciding to study for Art.

She gained her Fine Art Degree at The University of Art named after Salvador Dali ( Kiev) in 2003. After her Degree she continued to work as a fashion designer until she relocate to England in 2012. She has now left the fashion profession to focus wholly on her Art career.

Having always had a love for Art, and in creating fine art she now fulfils her passion with her work featuring in a number of galleries and private collections throughout the UK.

4 open listings

Selling:  Lime Cocktail
Lime Cocktail
Oil on canvas - Original
Selling: Tranquil Flow
Tranquil Flow
Oil on canvas - Original
Selling: Coffe Latte
Coffe Latte
Oil on canvas - Original
£650 Sold
Selling: Night City
Night City
Oil on canvas - Original
£650 Sold
Selected Exhibitions 1990 Contemporary Art of Kyiv �Flash�, Union of architects, Kyiv, (Catalogu 1991 �Ukrainian Art of the 20th century, 1900-1990�, National Museum, Kyiv 1992 Curator's Projec �Beginning� Group Exhibition, National Museum, Kyiv 1993 Curator's Project �Mon plaisir�, Exhibition Hall of Artists Union, Kyiv 1997 �Contemporary Mysteries� joint exhibition with French artists under patronage of Pierre Cardin, The Ukrainian House, Kyiv, (Catalogue) 1997 Author of the idea and coordinator of National program under patronage of President of Ukraine �Art of Ukraine of the 20th century�, National Museum, Kyiv, (Catalogue) 1999 �Artists of Lvov and Kiev�, Municipal Gallery Lavra, Kyiv 1999 Personal exhibition in the Museum of western and east art, Kiev 2001 Personal exhibition, Gallery of National University Kyiv-Mogila Academy, Kyiv 2001 �Crossroad�, Group Exhibition, Kunsthistorische Museum, Vienna, Austria, (Catalogue) 2003 Personal exhibition, Gallery of National University named aft er T.Shevchenko, Kyiv, (Catalogue) 2019 upcoming Personal exhibition in Paris

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