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The break time

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Medium - Original Art: Oil on canvas - Original
Width (cm): 120
Height (cm): 100
Depth (cm): 3
Frame options: Not framed
Size: X Large
Shape: Landscape
Spray Paint
Landscapes, Sea & Sky
People, Portraits & Figurative
Location: Rest of World

This is a landscape/ dreamscape, about scenario's from Colombia. Reflecting on themes such as identity, human freedom , migration and nature , I use ideas from real scenarios and dreams. This painting was made with many glazes and I may continue working on it . Oil on quality wooden stretcher 120 cms x 100 cms

Charley Jones
Charley Jones

I am a painter and based in London and South America.

My art is a cry for freedom from the critical times we are currently facing worldwide, as afther I guess I also envisage struggle from the point of view for my own child. My work is about humanity using expressive brushwork, colour and subject matter inspired by travel and life ,seeing the underlying beauty in human struggle and the seductive visuals of nature. I also use 35 mm film photography , to create ideas and subject matter.

This piece was written recently about my work by Bouwienn from Try it art in Canada. "Charley’s subject matter, especially his portraits, is heavily influenced by South America, and ancestral reflections. For him, art is about one world, understanding the other; learning from and about each other. It is about acceptance, and freedom of identity, capturing this cultural heritage on canvas. Facial features, expressions, feelings of struggle, and the beauty or sadness of it. Sometimes revealed, sometimes more outward. It is all part of the process of painting for Charley. With an end-result that is not about the aesthetics. “I start with pretty and nice, then I mess it up in a way and go back in to fix it. A painting is not complete without that struggle: did I go too far, did I truly ruin it this time? I cannot leave a painting until I have worked through that state of angst. But I have the freedom to let the process take place. I am an artist, not a designer.”


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