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Blue bliss

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Medium - Original Art: Acrylic on canvas panel or board - Original
Width (cm): 53
Height (cm): 53
Depth (cm): 3
Frame options: Framed
Size: Medium
Shape: Square
Abstract & Conceptual
Location: UK (outside of London & S.E. England)

Framed Ready to Hang. "Blue Bliss",

Painting 50cm x 50cm - framed 53 x 53 x 3cm

Modern abstract expressionist painting.

Blue, white, silver, and gold paint shimmer on the canvas board.

Added red to give the artwork a added dimension.

Some layers are worked wet paint into wet paint while other layers are allowed to dry fully before the next colour is added.

The final outcome can never be totally controlled which means each piece is totally unique.

An original action art painting (but in my own style without so much emphasis on the "action") that involves the deliberate application of considered sweeping brushstrokes and the wonderful accidental effects that occur from the gradual build up of dripping and pouring paint onto the canvas.

Signed on the back, can be initialed on the front if desired.

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

My original artworks are one of a kind.

Materials used: Acrylics, acrylic mediums, gels and inks on canvas board. Framed ready to hang

Kris Mercer
Kris Mercer

UK-based Kris Mercer is an award-winning painter with an eclectic taste and has for over thirty years been working on abstract and representational works.

She has a passion for abstract expressionism and the unexpected outcomes that it presents. Her new series seek to explore colour and shape through energetic, incidental brushstrokes. Dripping and pouring paint onto the canvas, she is motivated by probability and expectation as artistic tools.

Her representational work, on the other hand, is traditional with a contemporary twist. A passion for architecture, a casual interest in people watching and a lifelong love of photography are the inspiration for many of the paintings.

A limited palette of colours is context driven by scene.

Her work is held in collections in the UK, USA, Europe and Australia.


She studied Art and Design as a mature student at Mansfield Art College leaving with a distinction in 1996.

Although accepted on a Fine Art Degree course in Derby, Kris spread her wings and moved to Cyprus with her twin daughters to pursue her artistic endeavours.

Returning back to the UK in 2000 she had been working on both figurative and abstract works. Gaining awards and recognition at home and in the USA.


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