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Medium - Original Art: Acrylic on canvas - Original
Width (cm): 150
Height (cm): 100
Depth (cm): 2
Frame options: Not framed
Size: X Large
Shape: Landscape
Abstract & Conceptual
Location: UK (outside of London & S.E. England)

This black, silver and gold painting would make a stunning focal point for any room. The light catches the silver base paint which then shimmers and shines. Would be great for a monochrome style.

I like getting involved in the very essence of these paintings. Each colour and stroke is done in a considered thoughtful way and the paintings are built up of many layers of paint and colours.

The larger paintings have to be laid on the floor which means you have to walk around the painting making choices on where and how to lay the paint down. Some layers are worked wet paint into wet paint while other layers are allowed to dry fully before the next colour is added.

The final outcome can never be totally controlled which means each piece is totally unique.

Original art by Kris Mercer paying tribute to Jackson Pollock's action paintings with new materials. Paint and inks mixed with acrylic mediums and varnish is dripped, poured and thrown onto the canvas (or paper).

Kris Mercer Art
Kris Mercer Art

Kris Mercer works from her home studio in Ravenshead, Nottinghamshire.

She studied Art and Design as a mature student at Mansfield Art College leaving with a distinction in 1996.

Although accepted on a Fine Art Degree course in Derby, Kris spread her wings and moved to Cyprus to pursue her artistic endeavours.

Returning back to the UK in 2000 she had been working on both figurative and abstract works. Gaining awards and recognition at home and in the USA.

As the years progress with eyesight and dexterity both on the wain Kris was forced to reassess her working relationship to her art.

She has now settled into a new regime with the abstracts taking centre stage.

Today, Kris resides in Nottinghamshire and displays her art at exhibitions and juried shows around the country.

In 2016 she was placed 2nd in the Innovative Art section of the American Art Awards and also won a Derwent Award. 2017 saw her win a Clairefontaine award and The Artist exhibition award.

Action painting of the New York school figures heavily in a lot of the works but in her own style without so much emphasis on the "action"

More a dynamic type of painting that involves the deliberate application of considered sweeping brushstrokes and the accidental effects that occur from the gradual build up of dripping and pouring paint onto the canvas.

The pouring of the paint led to a new type of abstract where the brush is no longer required. These are more vibrant and colourful with a flat shiny surface.

The 2 styles go hand in hand because although they may look very different they both use the same techniques and materials.


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