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Homeward Bound

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Medium - Original Art: Acrylic on canvas - Original
Width (cm): 90
Height (cm): 90
Depth (cm): 4
Frame options: Not framed
Size: Large
Shape: Square
Abstract & Conceptual
Location: UK (outside of London & S.E. England)

Abstract Large Painting Homeward Bound Multicoloured Colourful Abstract Painting/Modern Contemporary abstract Painting

90 x 90 cms (35" x 35")

Deep Edged Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Edges Painted - Ready to Hang

Varnished for protection

Signed, dated and titled. Original artwork with signed Certificate of Authenticity

© 2019 Susan Wooler. All rights reserved.

Sue Wooler
Sue Wooler

"I create one off original paintings, I never replicate them. I mainly use acrylic paint but like to dabble with oils as well. I don’t follow ‘a style’ per se. I paint what I love, what inspires me and I hope this is conveyed in my paintings. I want the viewers of my paintings to enjoy what their seeing, whether they chose to make a purchase or not.

Painting excites me, a shape, a colour, a landscape or a cloudy sky can spark an idea which I aim to capture on canvas. My paintings evoke my emotions, they make me feel Cheerful or Content. Some have a tranquil, relaxing effect with soft tones and delicate brush strokes; whilst others are bold, vibrant and break away from traditional ideas bringing a feeling of exhilaration and excitement"


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