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Black, white and yellow

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Medium - Original Art: Oil on canvas - Original
Width (cm): 125
Height (cm): 150
Depth (cm): 3.8
Frame options: Not framed
Size: X Large
Shape: Portrait
Abstract & Conceptual
Location: London & South East England

Black, white and yellow

Oil on textured streched canvas.

Wired - single wall fixing required - ready to hung.

This artwork has been created with a combination of different types of paint textures. Using different mediums such as turpentine and linseed oil to give the paint a lighter texture, whilst at other times applying paint onto the canvas straight from the tube or using impasto to give it a thicker consistency. This combination of textures gives the painting a diversity between lightness and thickness, and also allows me to create different shades of the same colour.

Moises Moreno
Moises Moreno

Moisés has been a keen artist from a very young age, experimenting with charcoal, ink, and graphite sticks. His other passion, architecture, led him to pursue a professional career in Computer Aided Design. A desire to explore the more creative side of this industry led him to study then practice 3D modelling, this creativity inspired him and in turn to return to making art, this time principally using the more traditional technique of oil applied on canvas.

My paintings are the result of a gradual transition from chaos to order. Everything starts with an unconscious chromatic application. I don’t pretend to create something harmonic from the beginning; conversely, I let myself go with my emotional state, creating an anarchic image where nothing seems to make sense or is coordinated. From this point, I start to apply sanity and coherence, striving to achieve the desired balance. With this idea, I dissolve everything that disturbs me and makes me feel uncomfortable, adding serenity and calm, although preserving some of the remains of the initial chaos, which are integrated transitionally in the calmest spaces of the painting.

I try for my paintings to be a reflection of our lives, where we do irrational actions which generate chaotic situations; then we try to correct the effects to get back to normal, but the irrational actions aren’t resolved completely, as they are necessary for the attainment for the subsequent of harmony and balance.


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