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“ A place where no one goes “

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Medium - Original Art: Mixed media on canvas - Original
Width (cm): 30
Height (cm): 30
Depth (cm): 4
Frame options: Not framed
Size: Small
Shape: Square
Mixed Media
Landscapes, Sea & Sky
Flowers & Plants
Location: London & South East England

“ A place where no one goes “

This art artwork was inspired by my memories of Polish landscape in summer I used to visit during my childhood. Fresh and juicy colors brings nostalgic remembrance.

Mixed media on canvas box

Sylwia  Skoczylas-Quagraine
Sylwia  Skoczylas-Quagraine

My name is Sylwia Skoczylas-Quagraine.

I am an artist based in London. I create my paintings to bring joy to anyone who looks at them. My colours are expressing the emotions and the inner life. They come from the depth of my heart and soul and flow through my brush.

My mood changes colours and themes as Pablo Picasso said: “painting is just another way of keeping a diary”. I deeply believe that life is a best mentor that you can get. Everything I create is a metaphor of my vision of life inspired by everyday life. I think that the art should send a message, bring positive emotions and beauty on its own way.

I am very experimental in my painting and not bound by any art mediums or techniques. My paintings are free and spontaneous, they reflect personal emotions through the colours, themes and shapes. I mostly work with acrylics on canvas.

As I’m intuitive artist I always create from my heart and only with a good intention for the highest good. Every piece is filled with the positive energy and the good vibrations. Painting is my special way of communicating my passion and thirst for a joyful life in full light which I would love to share with you

I am also Theta Healing practitioner along with being Reiki 1 & 2 natural energy healer. 

 I always start the process of painting with my little ritual  I begin with lighting a candle and an fallowed by preyer with intention. It provides me with quietude and allowing to connect with higher energy. That’s how I get my ideas.

I let my self go and paint without a plan trusting the process being guided by universal life force through my intuition.

Whether you are an artist or you are just an enthusiast I hope you will take a walk with me...

With Love



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