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Gold Rio De' Colore #48

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Medium - Original Art: Acrylic on paper - Original
Width (cm): 77
Height (cm): 111
Depth (cm): 1
Frame options: Not framed
Size: Large
Shape: Portrait
Abstract & Conceptual
Location: Rest of World

Here are some of my new Vita paintings, (Vita means Life in Italian).

These paintings are infused with colors that bring out the Joy, Beauty, Zest, Vitality, and Freedom of life!

The paintings are very beautiful as a Diptych or Triptych.

I am happy to work with you on commissions for your special projects.

My art can be found in Corporate and private collections throughout the U.S. and internationally, including Nordstrom, Boeing, Swedish Hospital, Trump Tower, IBM (London), Hewlett-Packard, Citi Corp, Westin Hotels (Seattle, Detroit, Cincinnati), and the Sheraton Hotel (Beijing China).

In my painting, I use color to create an environment of: Beauty, Joy, Power, Refinement, Transcendence, Serenity, and Delight.

I am a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute and have had the honor of learning from some of the most creative artists in America and with Japanese Master Artists in Shigaraki and Bizen.

Robert Schoenfeld
Robert Schoenfeld

Robert Schoenfeld - Artist Statement 

I am a Seattle Artist living in beautiful Seattle, and I am a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute.

I specialize in large Color-Field Paintings that will bring beauty and color to any interior.

The Power Of Color

This is an important time in human history.

I feel that it is essential for all of us to bring out our unique gifts to help create a more

Loving, Joyful, Healthy, Prosperous, and Beautiful world.

Therefore, it is my mission to create paintings that are uplifting and inspirational.

In my paintings, I utilize color to create a visual environment of Beauty, Joy, Power, Healing, Refinement, Transcendence, Serenity and Delight!
For Example - I choose color combinations of:

Blue: Healing and Calming

Green: Nourishing and Fresh

Purple: Sensual and Exciting

Yellow: Vital and Energizing

White: Pure and Silent

Violet: Up-Lifting, Passionate, Alive
Red: Rich and Robust

Orange: Fun and Happy


1972 –1973 Western Washington University

1974 – 1975 Peninsula College

1975 – 1976 Kansas City Art Institute

1976 Graduated Kansas City Art Institute on the Dean’s List

Robert has had the honor of learning from some of America’s most creative Artist, including: Ken Ferguson, Peter Voulkos, David Shaner, and Paul Soldner, along with master Japanese Artist in Shigaraki and Bizen.

Robert’s Art has been featured in many publications including the cover of Designer West Magazine and Palm Springs Life, and on the TV series “Friends”.

Corporate Collections 

Marriott Hotel / Times Square New York

Hilton Hotel / West Palm Beach Florida

Westin Hotel / Chicago


IBM / London

Sheraton / Hotel China

Swedish Hospital / Seattle

Boeing Corporate offices

Cielo Tower Building / Seattle

Sound Video Unlimited / Chicago


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