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Dense Shower, 2015 - 23x23x.5 inches

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Medium - Original Art: Mixed Media on canvas panel or board - Original
Width (cm): 58
Height (cm): 58
Depth (cm): .5cm
Frame options: Not framed
Size: Medium
Shape: Square
Mixed Media
Abstract & Conceptual
Location: Rest of World

My practice involves the dialogue between order and chaos. The process is a constant experiment with the physical properties of paint (color, texture, sheen), moving between addition and subtraction, making and unmaking. All working to a place where I lose control of the painting, and then struggling back to achieve the right balance between wild spontaneity and emotional restraint. This is a struggle that I have to revisit with every painting, straining to hear an interior alphabet that leaks out during the actual act of painting. It is a personal and, I hope, universal language that I have to relearn and translate every time and is the challenge that drives me on to the next work.

My work is inspired from the natural and manmade phenomena I observe in the world around me. The historical context of my work is that of Abstract Expressionism, Post-painterly Abstraction, Color Field painting and Minimalism.

My Road Rage photography series tackles these same problems, and attempts to capture this same dynamic, through the lens of the camera. While out on the streets, I am always on the lookout for ambiguous accidents of beauty and power, ground into the common pavement.

Stuart Lehrman
Stuart Lehrman



New York in 1950

Currently resides in Philadelphia, PA


MFA, Mills College, Oakland, California


1991 Works Gallery, Long Beach, California

1990 Acme Art, San Francisco, California

1989 Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, Oregon

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1983 Foster Goldstrom Gallery, San Francisco, California



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Curator _Robin O’Dell, Curator of Photographic Collections, Museum of Fine Arts, St.

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2013 Drexel University Purchases Award "Road Rage#31

1977 Full Merit Scholarship for graduate study, Mills College, Oakland, CA


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