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"Homenaje y bicefalia"

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Medium - Art Prints - Limited Editions: Digital on paper
Signed and numbered - Edition of: 50
Width (cm): 29
Height (cm): 42
Depth (cm): 0,03
Frame options: Not framed
Size: Small
Shape: Portrait
Nudes & Erotic
People, Portraits & Figurative

This piece is part of a series exploring the duality of human thoughts.

An original signed digital drawing with certificate of authenticity.

Florencia Magallanes
Florencia Magallanes

Florencia Magallanes is a visual artist based in London.

She use different means of expression like digital painting, photography, video art and aquearelle to create unique art that explores mainly human behaivor, relationships and subconcences.

Her works has been exhibit in Argentina, Netherlands, Spain, Germany and London as well.

Florencia is an artist in constan grow.


Both, thought and introspection, and the empirical and unstructured automatism inspire me.
I transit through different expressive means, techniques and materials, allowing the error as a foundational recourse.I am mainly interested in the expressive use of color and visual textures.

My work is a constant practice of a dynamic interplay between specific visual communication and experimentation. This duality piques my interest. In a restless search to understand where the ideas , maybe come. As Jack Kerouac once said "I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion,"my work tries to clarify while declaring bewilderment.


2014-Faculty of Visual Arts.
2014- Professor of Painting. Establishment: Escuela Municipal de Artes Visuales de Lómas de Zamora, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Group exhibitions.

-2013 "MACMA (Movement helps breast cancer) International Day of fight against Breast Cancer" Municipal Historical Museum "La Cucaracha" Adrogué, Almirante Brown. Bs.As, Argentina.
-2014 "Displacements" Council of Economic Sciences. Lomas de Zamora, Buenos. Aires, Argentina.
-2014 "Artefilosolidario" Murals for CDI. Community Amaicha del Valle, Tucuman, Argentina.

-2017 “Corporalidad Femenina: del edén a la contemporaneidad” Museo de la Mujer Argentina. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2017-“Red Room” South Kiosk Gallery. London,UK.

-2017 “Wallpaper” by Art Baby Gallery .MAMA Showroom. Rótemberg,Netherlands.

Solo exhibitions.

-2016 “Erótica” en “Los placeres de Lola” Madrid, Spain.

-2016 “Erótica” en “ Shhh…tu juguetería Erótica” Málaga, Spain.

-2016 “Erótica” en “ Flux” Buenos Aires, Argentina.


2014 - Artcover álbum "Microbits" for Luke Neck. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

- Artcover Single "Beethovits" for Luke Neck. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

- Artcover Single "Sweet Dreams Pib" for Luke Neck.Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2016- Serie “Erótica” Dusty Mag, Revista Online Trimestral.

2016- Serie “Parejas anónimas” Revista Online Möndan.

2016- TLM Artist September “The lighting Mind” Online Magazine. Spain.

2016- Exposición “Erótica, erótica, erótica” Universo Epígrafe. Argentina.

2016- Marvin. Revista Digital. México.

2017-Blue Afternoon Magazine. UK

2017- Artcover EP “BlindBuyer” for “BlindBuyer”. London.UK

2017- New Erotic Art. Web Site.


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