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Rest Awhile and Enjoy this Farmed Landscape, R.Thames Marlow

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Medium - Original Art: Watercolours on paper - Original
Width (cm): 25.5
Height (cm): 28.5
Depth (cm): .2
Frame options: Framed
Size: Small
Shape: Square
Landscapes, Sea & Sky

An original watercolour painting from my River Thames series. Made using professional artist materials.

Supplied framed in a bespoke handmade hardwood frame, this picture is ready to hang. Packed safely and shipped with care and efficiency. Tracking details will be provided.

Frame size:

Height – 48 cm

Width – 49 cm

Depth – 2.5 cm

Jonathan Pitts
Jonathan Pitts

Landscape paintings for me are spaces that can free the imagination. They also show ways in which to engage with and appreciate the landscapes that are local to you.

It is important for me to paint in the landscape itself. Being in one spot over a day, I’m immediately aware of how much change happens in the weather, the wildlife, nothing is still for very long, and I get absorbed by the changing moods of the landscape.

I don’t aim to paint exactly what’s there. Rather, I balance representation with how the place makes me feel, continuously interpreting and designing. Pictorially I think of my images as being somewhere in between abstraction and representation.

Painting in all weathers can be challenging. Working through a storm with rain drops bouncing off the wet paper is a risky way to make a painting. However these unplanned surprises can add so much to a piece, so I persevere.

At the end of it all I hope to have paintings and drawings that stimulate. I am particularly attracted to the river Thames, the reflections in the water are a constant inspiration. The riverbanks are beautiful at all times, I aim to celebrate this in my pictures.


Falmouth College of Arts, BA (Hons) Fine Art, Painting


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