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Fluxscape IV 2017

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Medium - Art Prints - Limited Editions: Digital on paper
Signed and numbered - Edition of: 30
Width (cm): 42
Height (cm): 59.4
Depth (cm): 0.1
Frame options: Not framed
Size: Small
Shape: Portrait
Abstract & Conceptual


Edition of 30 in size 59.4 x 42 cm and 84.1 x 59.4 cms

Printed on Arches Aquarelle Rag 310gsm archival paper using archival inks

This first series of Fluxscape prints evolved from my Flux paintings. The paintings sparked off the idea of enlarging specific areas and enhance the image and scale to become a separate entity.

Fluxscape can be viewed as abstracted landscapes, imagined places from another world, an imagined future where colours and shapes become exaggerated and saturated beyond anything we comprehend as our reality.

Each image is printed to order, framed or unframed in two sizes.

Signed and titled on the front paper and sold with Certificate of Authenticity

Colin McCallum
Colin McCallum

Having always chosen to live and work in the urban city, first in London and during the last 14 years, Barcelona and now back in London, my art is inspired by the collective experience of contemporary living. City life is filled with an array of imagery; from airport and train station digital monitors to pixilated television and computer screens in the home; city landscapes lit up at night; supermarket shopping aisles and their myriad of packaging, lighting and random colour combinations. I am fascinated by this imagery and combine aspects of this reality to create an equivalent visual experience. The relationship between urban living and all its technology is a recurring theme and influence in my work.

I work in series so I can explore and expand an idea that develops with each painting. Experimenting with colour, mark making and technique allows each work to have it’s own uniqueness whilst retaining the concept and connection to each other. Although each painting belongs to a series it is very much intended to stand alone both visually and conceptually.

Ultimately my intention is to reproduce without representing, evoke without illustrating and express without formulating.

My work is collected all over the world in private and corporate collections.


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