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Jacky Hutson

Born in 1970 in Newham and raised in Essex- I spent a decade in the Midlands after completing a BA in Fine Art and a few years in Brighton before currently residing on the North Norfolk coast.

My work is describable as illustrative and abstract with a strong use of colour mixed with figurative female form. My love of colour, the animal kingdom, graffiti, world folklore, nature and too much more to mention are all recognizable throughout the many layers of my paintings.

Taking inspiration from travel, folk & fairy tale, mother nature, folly, the animal kingdom, magic, natural energies and abstract symbolism, myths & legends.

I love working with bold colours creating captivating worlds within my work that are both fantastical and flamboyant.

I aspire to create an energy within my paintings that can take months to get right. Blending figurative and portraiture with an illustrative abstract twist. My ethereal approach to layering and mark making means each new picture is a challenge, just the way it should be.

I tend to work on a larger scale also designing and painting murals whenever the opportunity occurs . Over the past 20 years I have been commissioned to design and paint murals at a variety of establishments throughout the UK. I am currently planning a series of far smaller pieces using inks and watercolours inspired by a recent adventures in Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

After completing an MA in 2008 I expanded into short film. The stylized multi layered imagery within my work lends itself really well to the medium of film and they have been successfully shown at a variety of sports and music events and projected onto the exterior of local iconic landmarks.

4 open listings

Selling: Protection
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: Wolfchild
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: Panda Queen
Panda Queen
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: Celebration
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Winter 2018-Residency at NeNa Contemporary Art Space-Chiang Mai,Northern Thailand 2016-2018-Solo show at the Wild Gallery,Sea Lane,Old Hunstanton,Norfolk 2015-May-July Solo show @ Firestation Arts Centre,Leonard Road,Windsor,SL4 3BL 2015-Lemonade Gallery,1-6 Ward Royal Parade,Windsor,SL4 3HR 2015-Solo article in KL Magazine,October issue 2014-Longlisted Biennale 2014 no Barking art. 2013-May-Joint show @ Flaxton Ptootch Gallery & salon,235 Kentish Town Road,London,NW5 2012-Spring-Group show @ Curious Duke Gallery,173 Whitecross street,London EC1Y 2011-November-Group show @ The Bricklane Gallery,Bricklane,London,E1 2011-March-November-Storm Fine Arts,Burnham Market,Norfolk,PE31. 2006-Open Air Summer Exhibition,Crome Gallery,Elm Hill,Norwich,Norfolk 2005-Shortlisted Byard Open Competition,Byard Gallery,Cambridge

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