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Evelyne Herbin

Evelyne has become love struck the very first time she laid her eyes on art works by the great classical masters. These great paintings of olden times seem to radiate life invigorating the viewer an immeasurable sense of beauty. It was the lightness, the clean transparency and details that inspire her to pursue this art. The virtuosity of the artists able to execute these pieces of work capture the imagination of many are to be admired with great respect. She would love to have a dinner with a few to ask them how they did it!

She became very curious why a piece of art can lift the mind so effortlessly. She wanted to learn this skill. She wanted to help people, making them happy and able. Art was a way to engage with anyone seeking a healthy and ecstatic life.

She began first dealing with other kind of images printed on paper. She worked as a psychic reader for many years with an ability to travel in time and space. She wanted to really capture these images she was trading with for so long. Painting and the decoration art was the obvious choice to ground her once and for all.

She doesn’t use the cards anymore but now apply her intuitive and imaginative skills to create for others magical landscapes, portraits. Finally she is able to put onto a board, canvas her vision so that you can see what she sees.

Her art is joyful, a wee bit naïve and colourful. She is using her art as a platform to focus bringing you in the moment at any time of the day. Once she has a concept, there is a definite spontaneity and a rush to execute it. She loves to express the beauty of nature. Her walks in the countryside are invigorating her with energy and fill her head with beauty and a sense of wellbeing. She sees her work reflecting this aspect of her personality, the joyfulness of being in a moment in a beautiful space. She is aiming to bring you this intimate sense of connection we have with life around us. She advocates that a painting can bring a surge of positive energy into a space where there is a lack of problems and you can safely reflect recharging your batteries at the same time.

She is currently working with acrylics. She takes commissions any size and subjects. Please feel free to ask. She works with you on every stage keeping you in the know. She is interested in the decorative arts and can produce beautiful individual interior design to cherish. Talk to her to get your ideas flowing and moving.

Lastly she cares about you and the planet. So every endeavour, appreciation and patronage is a life saving for someone or something as she is actively contributing with charities to make a difference in this world.

20 open listings

Selling: The humming bird and purple flowers
The humming bird and purple flowers
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: Look at my camouflage
Look at my camouflage
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: Close up of a fox
Close up of a fox
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: Standing Tall
Standing Tall
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: The scream
The scream
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: Dancing with dolphins
Dancing with dolphins
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: The Ballet dancer
The Ballet dancer
Acrylic on canvas panel or board - Original
Selling: Bamboo dragonflies
Bamboo dragonflies
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: The poppy field
The poppy field
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: A Space of Love
A Space of Love
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: The super Moon and the Tide
The super Moon and the Tide
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: Reflection under a tree
Reflection under a tree
Acrylic on canvas - Original
£695 Sold
Selling: Silver reflection on the estuary
Silver reflection on the estuary
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: The dancer and the pink Flamingo
The dancer and the pink Flamingo
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: The girl and the butterfly
The girl and the butterfly
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: The detour
The detour
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: Wild Fiesta
Wild Fiesta
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: Dame pansy
Dame pansy
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: The Red Hibiscus
The Red Hibiscus
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: The enchanted river ride
The enchanted river ride
Acrylic on canvas - Original

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