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Colette Baumback

Colette’s work is texture and colour in it’s natural landscape, an exploration of light and moods, hewn from nature and the seasons. Flora and fauna brought to life with an evocative sense of joy.

Using contoured acrylics, in multiple layers of colour, her palette knife captures the stunning beauty of her floral subjects with a sense of awe and celebration. Impressionistic, organic, and sometimes with hints of abstract, these meaningful compositions never fail to inspire, transforming the viewer into a participant rather than a spectator.

Colette’s artworks are sold to discerning individuals around the world who describe her work as exquisite, beautiful, captivating and the perfect work of art to transform the spirit of any room or space.

“I have an intense desire to recreate the spirit of nature, to reflect its incredible intricacy and beauty. I want to bring nature to life on my canvass.My earliest childhood memories are daubed with scenes of myself painting and making my pictures. It has always been a part of who I am. I am self-taught and have developed my own unique style. The process of painting and creating captivates me, allowing my emotional response to develop and fuse into the subject. I work with a palette knife, cloth and a variety of implements, exploring the structure of the subject, building up layers of paint, colour and texture. My art is a reflection of my fascination with the natural elements in our surroundings. I am inspired by the richness of colour and texture in the natural landscape. I am compelled to paint.

I undertake commissions. If there is a particular subject, painting, style or idea you would like, I would be delighted to hear from you.”

23 open listings

Selling: Tulip Fields
Tulip Fields
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: Into Blue
Into Blue
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: Flowers from the Farm
Flowers from the Farm
Acrylic on canvas - Original
£560 Sold
Selling: Operetta
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: Salsa
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: Lavender Landscape no 3
Lavender Landscape no 3
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: La vie en Rose
La vie en Rose
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: Yellow Flowers
Yellow Flowers
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: Hydrangeas
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: A Memory of Lavender #2
A Memory of Lavender #2
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: One Summer Day
One Summer Day
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: Red on Red
Red on Red
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: The Ramblers garden no 2
The Ramblers garden no 2
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: Evening Colour
Evening Colour
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: Glow
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: Wonderland
Acrylic on canvas - Original
£760 Sold
Selling: Return to the purple meadow
Return to the purple meadow
Acrylic on canvas - Original
Selling: Blossom Shower
Blossom Shower
Acrylic on canvas - Original
£695 Sold
Selling: Bloom
Acrylic on paper - Original
Selling: Arabian Garden
Arabian Garden
Acrylic on paper - Original
Selling: Rose
Acrylic on paper - Original
£260 Sold
Selling: Endless Summer
Endless Summer
Acrylic on canvas - Original

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